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I am a Developing Doulas Companion.

If you have completed the Developing Doulas Doula Preparation Course you can access the DD Companionship Programme for formal mentorship during the first part of your Doula journey.

Find out more about the DD Companionship Programme HERE

Developing Doulas is a Doula UK approved course provider and as such, you are eligible to join Doula UK when undertaking the Developing Doulas Companionship Program if you wish but this is not mandatory.


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You can choose to access Primary Companionship with me in one of three ways:

1.  Pay as you go per client - I will support you virtually whilst you are supporting your client and you can debrief the experience with me when you finish.  Per client you will pay £75 for birth or postnatal or £100 for birth and postnatal together. You will pay no more than £375 for just birth or postnatal support or £750 for both to complete the Companionship Program and become 'Acknowledged'.

2.  Pay £40 per month - Get continued ongoing support whether you have a client or not. This includes all debriefs and unlimited virtual support. 

3. Pay £225 for 6 months support - as 2. above but for a 6 month period

4. Pay £450 for 12 months support - as 2. above but for a 12 month period

You can also access my support for one-off specialist Companion support

I specialise in supporting people that want to birth outside of the system - I have had experience supporting unassisted birth and freebirth.  Having worked in the system I am also experienced in 'negotiating' choices outside of recommendations.  I can also support Doulas that may have worked within the NHS and need support as they transition to their new role as an independent Birthworker.


If you would like support navigating a similar situation then you can book a one-off session with me. 

You can book a Power Hour session for £45 HERE

If you are ready to have a chat you can Whatsapp me on 07793 936665.
Alternatively, you can click HERE and book a phone or video call with me through my booking app.

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