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Deepa & Daman

After a previous emergency c-section, I was sure I did not want to repeat the experience again, I had skirted around the idea of a home birth during my first pregnancy but fear of the unknown resulted in opting for a hospital birth. This time around I had decided it was going to be different and spent a long time researching home births and found the pros definitely outweighed the cons.


From the moment we met Becki I instantly knew we would get along, she is so easy going and humble which was so important to us as we wanted a doula we would feel completely comfortable with. We thoroughly enjoyed our in depth antenatal sessions (especially the aromatherapy) and always came away feeling so much more positive and empowered. I had so many questions and concerns and Becki was always a phone call or email away. She has a wealth of knowledge but not once did we feel pushed into making any decisions about the birth that we were not happy with.

I had a very long labour but Becki had no problem braving the snowy weather to try and get to us as quickly as possible. She was great at keeping my son busy whilst I laboured and absolutely amazing when I was in active labour. Not only was she there for me, she also made an amazing birth partner out of my husband who ended up being fully on board with the idea of a home birth and knew exactly what to do on the day. Becki went above and beyond her duties when she accompanied me to the hospital after the birth (for severe tearing) and when she came back and helped my husband clean up the mess at 1am!

Having Becki at our home birth was the best decision we ever made, she gave us so much more than we ever expected and will always be remembered as our dear friend who helped us to bring our second son into the world in the way WE wanted.

Deepa & Daman Sandhu

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