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Against All Odds

Inspired by a recent birth client....

She cradles her tummy and strokes it gently

Excited about what lies ahead

She enters the room with positivity

And is greeted with sarcasm instead.

"So I guess you'll be wanting a homebirth"

Said with indignation

What ensues is a barrage of questions

And wild accusations.

This is her third child

She's done this two times before

Despite her obvious experience

Her opinion continues to be ignored.

"I don't want an induction,

I want a homebirth with a pool"

But her words fall on deaf ears

They've heard this nonsense before.

"What would you do if it died?

Or you left your husband and kids alone?

As long as you get a healthy baby

You really shouldn't moan."

"Your high BMI and size of your thighs

Means we wouldn't help you out of the pool

If you think I'm giving you a VE

You really are a fool"

But despite the GD and the BMI

Bullying, coercion and that shit

She laboured and birthed a beautiful boy

Against all odds, she did it.

(FYI at home, in the pool, without intervention)

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