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Deepa & Daman

After a previous emergency c-section, I was sure I did not want to repeat the experience again, I had skirted around the idea of a home birth during my first pregnancy but fear of the unknown resulted in opting for a hospital birth. This time around I had decided it was going to be different and spent a long time researching home births and found the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

Jess & Jay

Jess birth b&w1.jpg

Having her as my doula made me feel so empowered! I am now lucky enough to say I had the most phenomenal birth experience! If I ever decide to have another baby I will be contacting Becki. - Jess

I'd like to say what a perfect decision it was to have such a fun and informative doula see us through the birth of our beautiful daughter. She made my wife feel totally in control and we discussed many things I hadn't given much thought about.  Just book her! - Jay

Lindsay & Bryn


Becki was absolutely incredible as my doula at my home water birth (freebirth). As a doula myself I have worked with Becki and we are good friends so I knew when I was pregnant that she would be a wonderful choice in supporting both myself and my husband. Her calm presence and unfaltering support made my birth experience so much easier and enabled my husband to really be present and confident in supporting me too. On a practical level she was a great help in setting up the birth pool, keeping me hydrated and cool on a hot day and the massages and counter pressure made a big difference. Prior to birth she made me feel special and heard. Her hypnobirthing relaxation scripts, reflexology and reiki absolutely enhanced my pregnancy and were especially appreciated in the last weeks while we waited for our baby to arrive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Becki as a doula. Any woman would be blessed to receive her amazing support! Thank you so much Becki! I will always cherish my memories of you at Jack's birth! Doulas rock!!!



I hired a birthing pool from Becki and she also encapsulated my placenta.

With hiring the pool and all the kit needed she was super accommodating, dropped the pool round so promptly as I’d hired it late in pregnancy.

As for placenta encapsulation I would recommend it to absolutely every pregnant woman I know! I have had 4 children but only one placenta encapsulated and I can honestly say, after this birth taking the capsules I healed so well, felt so grounded emotionally, no irrational tears or mood swings and my milk supply has been amazing when previously I’ve had real issues with breastfeeding. One month down and my little boy is growing fantastically and feeding is so successful and I credit this all to the placenta capsules!

Highly recommend Becki and her services as she’s super professional, friendly and knowledgeable!



Becki was my Doula, she’s now a friend for life I can not recommend her service enough, she’s truly amazing!

From the moment I booked with Becki I felt like she had my back. I booked to include Anti natal classes 1-2-1, hypnobirthing & birth doula. I was a first time Mum, her calming & strong presence was an essential part of my successful empowering natural home birth.

Becki’s support & help after the birth with breastfeeding was also absolutely invaluable.

If you want an empowered, supported birth where you & your family get the time & space you need to put your choices first... look no further Becki is your lady



Becki is the perfect person to support you in your birth and your birth choices. She is informed but always learning, present but never overbearing, supportive without being pushy. I personally feel like Becki changed the course of our birth, held us up when I began to bow to pressure and vocally stood firm for us when lines were crossed. I can never thank her enough for helping me do me, and we had our birth how we wanted it, against all odds.

P.S her Placenta Encapsulation services were second to none. I'd highly recommend all services Becki has to offer as they all compliment one another perfectly. Thanks again Becki for all you've done.

P.P.S she's a right laugh too!



Becky single handedly turned me from an anxious 2nd time mumma to be into a empowered, birthing goddess! Literally! - Teaching my husband and I (and our daugther on many occasion!) the ways of hypnobirthing left us feeling nothing but sheer excitement for the birth of our 2nd bubs. I had all birthing options thrown at me due to a wriggly baby and because of Becky's lessons, in the comfort of our own home, I felt nothing but informed and calm about every single one...I knew my options, felt confident about asking questions also knowing I had her there on the end of a phone should I of needed her advice. She is truly magic and carries this aura with her.

We Barkers adore her and should we venture into the lands of the 3rd child I can say hand on heart, Becky WILL be involved



I connected with Becki through a friend, in fact a couple of friends recommended her, and numerous midwives.

That alone should speak volumes !

Everyone who has met and worked with Becki has wonderful things to say, as of course do I.

Originally Becki was just meant to encapsulate my placenta, and hire her birthing pool to me.

Hoever, when I found myself confronted with difficult decisions about the birthing process, Becki was there and supported me!

Becki was one of the first to visit me in the hospital after my home birth didn't go to plan, and it was terrific to see a familiar face.

Would I recommend Becki ? The answer is a resounding YESSSSSS



Becki spent time with me before my baby was born and we clicked straight away! She is so kind, understanding, thoughtful and a very good listener. Becki helped me make some decisions regarding my sons birth and then assisted me post delivery with talking through my birth, she helped with breast feeding issues, entertained my children while I did some housework (which allowed me some much needed 'child free' time!) but most importantly she helped me to realise I was doing my best and that I am a good mother. I suffered with post natal depression after my daughter's birth but this time there was no sign of it ...which I honestly believe was partly down to Becki. She was either at my home (with short notice from me!) Or at the end of the phone whenever I needed advice or reassurance.

I can't put into words how grateful I am to Becki for everything she did for us and we truly do miss her alot! My daughter misses her 'Elsa' playmate!

Becki is knowledgeable and very good at what she does, if you are thinking of hiring a doula-dont hesitate, you will have found the best right here!!

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