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This is a doula facilitated, peer to peer support group for women and birthing people and their partners and for birth workers. The group is without a doubt the most comprehensive, supportive Home Birth Resource on the internet. 

We are UK based, all our members have an interest in or are planning a home birth. No medical advice is given.

I have created have many amazing guides, videos, blogs and more and inside group you will find wonderful, supportive resources and incredible birth stories, on all topics and home birth transfers and I am here to support you with any changing plans. 
(There is a £25 charge for those who want to join for professional purposes, birth workers, midwives and doulas, half price for student midwives).


This group is is a course in a group, supporting and informing around freebirth and birth before arrival in the current times, for those who are determined and those who are curious. For those planning to birth without a midwife and those who just want to prepare in case their midwife doesn't arrive in time and birth professionals who would like to learn more about supporting Freebirth.
Freebirth is taking ownership of your body, your autonomy and your decision making.
Freebirth is the ultimate in empowerment, whether that is freebirth as an ideology or freebirth from necessity.
This is a modular based group with learning units - there is a £35 joining fee for women/birthing people and £50 for birth workers (reduced/free hardship spaces are available).



This 3 hour zoom workshop is for doulas and others working in the maternity world. We will be talking about maternity rights, consent and the law. As well as the theory, our aim is to give participants and chance to explore scenarios and work on practical ways that we can support our clients when they are being coerced or it feels like they have reached a dead end.

This workshop is run by 3 very experienced doulas and birth activists, Emma Ashworth, Verina Henchy and Maddie McMahon. Emma is the author of the AIMS Guide to Your Rights in Pregnancy and Birth, Chair of AIMS and hugely experienced maternity advocate. Verina is an AIMS helpline volunteer and doula trainer. Maddie is an AIMS helpline volunteer, doula trainer and author of Why Doulas Matter and Why Mothering Matters.

This course isn’t about making you a better doula…
You already know and are constantly learning how to be the best doula you can be. It isn’t even about making more money – although that might be necessary and desirable. It’s about exploring ways of making your doula business sustainable.

On a practical level, Doulavation is comprised of Sections and each section contains a number of topics. There is text to read, videos to watch and tasks to complete. There are also resources to download – our relaxation and hypnosis mp3s are designed and produced just for you - and we also have a supportive facebook community exclusively for Doulavators. So hop on board and let’s work together to doulavate your business!



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